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Ön Yüklemeyi Geç
Human Resources
Yuceller Elektrik is among the leading, powerful and reputable electrical contracting companies of our country, with its business experience in the sector, expert management staff, and the policy of realizing the projects it undertakes with high quality and within the planned time. With the projects we have undertaken, we offer our employees career opportunities in different geographies and cultures, with wide engineering applications that require different fields of expertise.

Belonging, Desire to Succeed, Teamwork and Cooperation Openness to Development and Change Quality Orientation Self-Confidence To join the Yüceller Elektrik family, which acts with human logic first, with awareness of quality, environment and occupational safety in all the projects it carries out; You can e-mail your CV to or you can select and send your CV File with the Add CV Form button below. Positive / negative feedback will be made to you as soon as possible.

* pdf, word and excel file extensions are accepted.