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Knowing the responsibility we have undertaken, we have grown by investing in knowledge and people. We put honesty, transparency and quality at the top of our unchanging principles. The story of Yüceller Elektrik started with a team with dreams and passions in a humble workshop in the days when 2010 turned into spring. Every project that started with small steps led to the next, bigger projects with trusting customers.

Yuceller Elektrik Family, which knows the needs, listens to its customers, and always has the understanding of raising the perception of quality, has specialized in the fields of contracting, installation, material sales, project and engineering services in order to be with its customers in Istanbul and Turkey and to meet their needs in a timely manner.

Yüceller Elektrik has become the choice of reputable brands and prestige projects with its engineering team, who are experts in their fields and who can offer solutions according to project differentiations from large-scale projects to shopping malls, from industrial facilities to educational institutions. Yüceller Elektrik provides service with its expert staff in every phase of the project, from the design stage to the implementation of the turnkey delivery.

The tribe of producing and implementing projects is also extremely wide. Industrial facilities, health institutions, industrial facilities, educational buildings, business centers, hotels, villas and residences; In short, brand projects bear our signature. It gives us honor. We stand behind what we do even after the project is completed! Because we carry that responsibility for life!