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Ön Yüklemeyi Geç

Panel Manufacturing

Panel Manufacturing

Yüceller Pano, many industrial facilities, residences, hospitals, schools, shopping centers, etc. It is proud to deliver the panels suitable for the needs of the buildings in accordance with the relevant regulations, specifications and engineering formation.

In 2004, under the brand name of Yuceller Pano, A.G. It received Type Test Certificate for Switchgear Panels. Our panel department, which adopts the principle that the works done in order to keep up with the developing technology, are in accordance with the engineering formation, is quite assertive in the sector.

Yüceller Pano is the authorized dealer of world-class X-Energy branded panels, which EATON Elektrik introduced to the Turkish market in 2004.

Yüceller Pano, according to the needs of our valued customers;

main distribution and sub-distribution boards,
Control and automation panels,
Compensation boards with harmonic filters,
Compensation boards,
Generator grid transfer boards,
Y.G. manufactures control panels.